Floor Coating

A cement floor can be cold, dull and dreary whether it's located in the garage, the basement or under that old carpet in a room you want to remodel. Consider a professionally applied epoxy floor coating from the friendly folks at Perrfect Decor. We offer you a wide selection of colors, textures and patterns that will brighten up any space by transforming your concrete floors into works of beauty and art.

At Perrfect Decor, our professionals will clean your concrete surface using an acid wash to rid it of any oil or other unwanted contaminants and to open up the pores. This process will allow for maximum adhesion. If the surface has been sealed then a grinder will need to be used first in order to give the concrete a sandpaper-like texture. We then apply an epoxy basecoat in the color of your choice. After this, we scatter the selected color chips over the treated area in varying amounts to give the desired effect. After a night the basecoat to cures properly, we then apply the topcoat which gives your floor a tough, long lasting protection. In 16 hours your new floor will be ready for light traffic and in 36 hours, heavy traffic.

Presto! Your boring cement floor is now eye catching and easy to clean, your basement is ready to transform into an attractive extra living space, and that remodeled room is ready for that neighborhood party. A Perrfect Decor professionally applied epoxy floor coating can give a stunning effect to your interior design. Why not call or email Perrfect Decor today for a free consultation on a cement floor transformation?

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